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Markets in the CGC and How to - General

Which markets are included in the CGC? General Admin on subscriptions How to purchase a subscription?How to purchase a multi-licence subscription?How to pay for the subscription? Can I cancel my subscription? Is there an automatic renewal process? How do I access the database after I become a subscriber?Can I change my login details and how?What are the restrictions when I become a subscriber?Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

How to – website functionality

Can I view the website if I am not a subscriber?What can I do with the data in the Country dashboard section?What can I do with the data in the Market and economic data section?What can I do with the data in the Manufacturing Facilities Data section?How can I use the data? (obligations, T&C etc.)How do I know how up to date the data is?How do I correct data applicable to my company?How do I suggest improvements to the CGC such as: additional data points, additional analytical tools, additional functionality?

CGC™ Methodology

How is the data collected?How often is the data updated?What do we mean by “cement plants”?What do we mean by cement capacity?What do we mean by clinker capacity?What do we mean by cement consumption?What do we mean by cement production?What is DCUF™?What is actual utilisation rate (UR)?What do we mean by imports and exports?What do we mean by net trading?What is construction as a percentage of GDP and why is it used?What is the consolidation index (CI)?What is clinker to cement ratio, why is it important?Why do we use bulk cement as a total of sales?Which manufacturing facilities are included in the CGC? What do we mean by ultimate control?Timing differences between Country dashboard and Manufacturing facilities data


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